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The best quality of detection and response: What companies need is an effective solution that does not affect computer performance and has high compatibility. We provide solutions that "prevention is more important than repair", "policy and technology are equally important" and quickly respond to new threats. Ensure that enterprise users can safely and smoothly play the effectiveness of the information system.

Perfect management and policy strengthening mechanism: Enterprises need a cross-platform, centralized control management mechanism, and managers can purchase a security protection system that simply and easily configure, deploy, manage and lock all clients, server hosts and all related components . At the same time, it is convenient for managers to easily complete detailed reports, and must have a very high scalability to meet the needs of business growth.

Policy strengthening mechanism: strengthened policies are more important than powerful products or solutions. Enterprise-level solutions must be able to enforce and indeed audit all information security status. The immediate notification mechanism can keep abreast of abnormal events in the enterprise at any time to reduce damage and expand.

Professional technical support capabilities: Our professional support capabilities have been recognized by hundreds of medium and large-sized enterprise users in addition to being certified by a variety of security experts. At the same time, it cooperates with several world's first-line information security vendors to expand the pattern and orientation of information security. Greatly enhance the ability to analyze and respond to new threats.





Symantec 在端點、電子郵件以及網頁防護,皆有最完整的防護機制,同時也能在這三個控制點,透過AI 為後盾的關聯分析與情資交叉比對的協同運作,能在第一時間就發現目標式攻擊,更能發現入侵後的初期入侵跡象、中期橫向移動以及後期的資料外洩及更大的危害,都能有效偵測與阻擋。